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Pocket Giraffe is a musical project formed by Kat F. and Alen, two visual designers based in Madrid. Fueled by their shared love for music, they embark on a creative journey that transports listeners to mesmerizing dreamscapes. 


Drawing inspiration from the nostalgic melodies of 80s music and Synth Pop, Pocket Giraffe merges electronic beats, spacey guitar riffs, and infectious melodies.

To create the POCKET GIRAFFE symbol, I used the initials of the name as a starting point. After a series of adjustments and transformations of the typographic forms, I managed to unite the two letters into a single shape: a heart. This symbolizes Kat and Alen’s passion for music.

Logo creation process

It is a very recognizable and versatile symbol that can be customized according to the situation or purpose.

The aesthetics applied to all design elements fuse elements of nostalgia from decades past with a futuristic and technological vision.

Logo applications