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Miguel Macaya is a talented visual effects artist with an extensive career in advertising, film and television. He has worked as a visual compositor in films such as Star Wars, Terminator or The Avengers, among others. He is also a certified Nuke instructor, a very advanced software for visual effects development.


Before starting to develop the design, it was essential to understand Miguel’s style, his preferences and the unique aspects of his work. After several conversations, I had enough information about his vision and the key elements he wanted to highlight. Miguel needed a current visual identity with a technological character that would transmit the essence […]

Anam Cara is an expression that comes from the Celtic language and means friend of the soul. Its founders want the experience of all their clients to enrich the soul of the person at different levels according to the needs and preferences of each one. Anam Cara is an expression that comes from the Celtic […]

Drawing inspiration from the nostalgic melodies of 80s music and Synth Pop, Pocket Giraffe merges electronic beats, spacey guitar riffs, and infectious melodies. To create the POCKET GIRAFFE symbol, I used the initials of the name as a starting point. After a series of adjustments and transformations of the typographic forms, I managed to unite […]