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Aire Fresco is the meditation app created for Spanish speakers. Aire Fresco's mission is to improve the quality of life of thousands, perhaps millions of people. In a simple way and dedicating a few minutes a day, at any time and place, its users can acquire the habit of meditation.


Victor Coutin, entrepreneur and creator of Aire Fresco, asked me to design the interface of his application. For several months, we worked collaboratively to define and develop the look and feel of Aire Fresco, both for iPhone and Android.

In addition to the mobile app design, I created other elements to promote it, such as a landing page and several creatives for social networks.

Design style guide

The Raleway typeface, chosen for the Aire Fresco interface, embodies humanistic qualities that seek to connect directly with the user experience. Its clean and contemporary design reflects a modern and accessible approach, promoting legibility and visual harmony.

With its sans-serif style, Raleway evokes a sense of simplicity and clarity, essential elements for a meditation app that seeks to provide a relaxing and distraction-free experience. The organic shape of its lettering suggests friendliness and empathy, creating a welcoming environment that invites users to immerse themselves in the practice of meditation with ease.

Samples of interface designs