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Miguel Macaya is a talented visual effects artist with an extensive career in advertising, film and television. He has worked as a visual compositor in films such as Star Wars, Terminator or The Avengers, among others. He is also a certified Nuke instructor, a very advanced software for visual effects development.


Before starting to develop the design, it was essential to understand Miguel's style, his preferences and the unique aspects of his work. After several conversations, I had enough information about his vision and the key elements he wanted to highlight.

Miguel needed a current visual identity with a technological character that would transmit the essence of his work. His brand would be applied in different online and offline media.

Logo design process

Isotype creation process
Customization of the logo typography

Univers, known for its clean and modern design, is an excellent choice for a visual effects artist’s logo. Its versatility allows for a sleek and professional look while maintaining readability.

Although Univers is a well-established typeface, small customizations can add a unique touch to the logo. Taking as a reference the geometric shapes of the initials of the isotype, the rest of the characters have been modified following the same aesthetic criteria. In this way, a visual consistency is achieved throughout the logo.

Logo applications