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Finca El Unicornio is a fantastic farm located in a privileged area of the Tiétar Valley, Ávila. In addition to being specialists in the care and recovery of horses, they offer holiday accommodation.


The design for the Finca El Unicornio website offers an immersive experience that reflects the unique essence of this charming rustic property and the possibility of vacation rentals with access to horses.

The home page features a warm and welcoming aesthetic, highlighting the natural beauty of the environment and the connection with horses. Intuitive navigation allows visitors to easily explore accommodation options, horse experiences and available services.

Vibrant images showcase the serenity of the location and harmonious relationship with the equines, while detailed information on amenities and activities ensures informed decision-making for potential guests.

The idea is to maintain a solid foundation of traditional elements that represent heritage and familiarity, but add more modern details to maintain relevance and current appeal.

For the headlines, a serif typeface with highly contrasting strokes has been chosen. This typeface retains the elegance and traditional feel of serifs, but with a contemporary twist thanks to the contrasting strokes.

The color palette reflects the corporate identity in shades of green, while incorporating hues inspired by the winery’s wines, such as gold and pink, creating a visual connection between the essence of the brand and the diversity of its products.