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Defakto is an independent German watchmaker that manufactures minimalist and high quality design watches since 2009 in Pforzheim, Germany.


I found Defakto's current website did not convey the aesthetic, functional and quality characteristics of their watches. So I came up with this web redesign proposal, which includes not only visual aspects, but also user experience, content organization and a new taxonomy. I also made a series of improvements to their logo.

Design style guide

The Futura typeface embodies the minimalist and elegant aesthetics of German Defakto watches. Its clean, geometric lines reflect the precision and sophistication present in each of its timepieces, embodying the exceptional engineering and quality that distinguish them.

A simple and elegant color palette reflects the basic elements of Defakto watches. Inspired by the purity and precision of engineering, it uses neutral tones such as black and white, conveying the simplicity and timeless sophistication that defines this watch brand.

Design samples of various sections