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Winery founded in the thirties of the last century XX that has elaborated txakoli for several generations. It has its own vineyards and since 1989 it has been incorporating modern equipment and machinery to elaborate a txakoli of excellent quality. Its txakoli has a white fruit perfume, is balanced and offers a pleasant fresh finish.


The owners of Basa Lore, one of the main txakoli wineries in the Basque Country, commissioned me to redesign their already outdated website.

In addition to conceiving a new design that would adapt to different devices, a new content structure was defined, texts were revised, images were updated and a new online store for the sale of their products was integrated.

The idea is to maintain a solid foundation of traditional elements that represent heritage and familiarity, but add more modern details to maintain relevance and current appeal.

For the headlines, a serif typeface with highly contrasting strokes has been chosen. This typeface retains the elegance and traditional feel of serifs, but with a contemporary twist thanks to the contrasting strokes.

The color palette reflects the corporate identity in shades of green, while incorporating hues inspired by the winery’s wines, such as gold and pink, creating a visual connection between the essence of the brand and the diversity of its products.